RV Solar VS Generator – Comparison in 2023

After buying an RV or camper, every owner has that itching question in their mind, “What am I supposed to choose? Shall I go for the solar panel? Or shall I go for the generator? I am here to help you with the “RV solar vs Generator” situation.

Solar panels are easy to fix when generators can give you more power. The generator’s humming disturbs a calm environment when solar panels become less powerful during rainy days. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Both have good sides and bad sides; in this passage, I am going to give you a crystal clear concept about it. The rest of the things are yours; you will decide which is the best option to go.


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Now, to begin the comparison, at first, we will judge them based on their prices. Wish you a Happy Scrolling! 


If you want a solar panel at a lower price, you should have the Windy Nation 100-Watt that comes in $109

Another option is the Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit with Wanderer. It has two sizes, 200W panel with 30A PWM controller; price is $260.81 in online marketplaces and 200W panel with 20MPPT controller; price is $421.94     

You can buy 12V DC, 20 Watt Solar Panel Kit with Battery for Long Range Wireless Systems for $1625.00. Moreover, the Inverter Store’s 1590 Watt Solar + 6000 Wt Power Inverter Charger comes in 6,079 bucks.

Prices may vary on different websites. Now, I hope now you have an idea about the price range. There are many brands like HQST, Newpowa, Go Power, All Power, ACOPower etc.

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Cummins Onan Diesel RV Generator is for you if you go for higher quality. Its speed operation is constant, and it includes hour meter, digital voltage regulation. It can run three rooftop Air conditioners at a time. It comes in $11347.00 from online shops.

Another excellent generator from Goal zero brand is Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station. Its price is $3199.95, output wattage is 2000w, and it weighs about 78 pounds.

Other worthy options include JHKJ Portable Power Station that costs $1511.72 and the budget-friendly XYZ INVT 3500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter for $489.90 only.

However, the most affordable choice could be the Dokio 100W 18V PORTABLE FOLDABLE that you can purchase at $144.99.  

RV generators’ price range stays between the prices of Cummins Onan and Dokio. You may go for other brands with similar specifications; prices will be in the same range. 


Generators can produce more power than solar panels. Using an iron machine or microwave oven is very easy for a generator, but it’s a heavy burden for a solar panel. Here, one point goes for the RV generator.  


Generators can work in any environment, sunny or rainy, at any time, day or night where solar panels get a hard time in cloudy or rainy environments, and at night time. Another point goes for RV generators.


RV generators need oil changing, and you have to keep track of how often and time duration you use this before changing the oil. Not only that, it needs spark plugs and air filter replacement after every particular period. 

On the other hand, RV solar panel maintenance is relatively easy. If you are a lithium battery user, it takes a few checking in every few weeks. Flooded batteries need distilled water every month. Maintaining solar panels is straightforward. Now, the RV solar panel gets the point.

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Comparing the prices, I discussed above; you will see RV solar panels are cheaper than RV generators. The amount you are planning to spend on an RV generator, that amount of money can bring you a high-profile solar panel with higher specifications. The solar panel gets a point, again.  


Ask any professional; they will always say RV solar panels are suitable for battery life. Generators use more battery than solar panels. One point goes to solar panels, again.


The generator can turn itself on automatically, but the solar panel can’t do this. You have to turn it on in a manual way. A point goes to the RV generator. 


When a high-profile generator or high-profile solar panel is connected with your RV and you are planning to re-sell it, there is a bright possibility that you are going to have quite a fair amount of money. RV generator indeed adds more value to your RV than the RV solar panel. Again, generators win this race. 


RV generators need fuel frequently. Diesel is the best option to choose from. Generators run more and smooth on diesel. The solar panel doesn’t need any fuel at all. It saves a lot of money for you. This is RV solar panel’s turn; it gets the point. 


RV solar panels are easy to carry, and generators are not. When you pour fuel into it and add other accessories to the generator, it becomes heavier. In this case, RV solar panels beat the RV generators. There is a good side of being heavier; there is a less probability of getting stolen.

On the other hand, RV solar panels are easy to steal. So, we can say potability doesn’t come in handy always. Here each of them gets the point. 


Solar panels are noise-free; it keeps your environment peaceful. Generators are totally opposite. It creates noise. 

Nowadays, manufacturers produce generators whose noise level is relatively low but not noise-free; you will hear at least a gentle humming from your generator. Generators lose the race here.  


Solar panels are simple to fix. You can fix it with your general knowledge and help from the manual guide. When it comes to RV generators, you must need a professional’s help. It includes an engine, air filter, long wiring, fuel, sparking plugs, and so many things. It’s complicated. One point goes for solar panels because of being DIY-friendly.


Matter of great regret, these days we aren’t concerned about our environment. There is nobody to take care of our planet except us. Though non-renewable energy provides us with more power, but there is no doubt that renewable energy creates positive effects on the environment. 


Though we see RV solar panels get more points, judging between these two isn’t that straightforward. RV generators have many qualities, which aren’t available in RV solar panels, and it’s vice versa. I hope with this information, you will find a way out from the RV solar vs generator dilemma. 

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