M12 vs M18 Press Tool

M12 vs M18 Press Tool – What’s The Difference?

If you’re someone who works as a plumber, technician, or well, anyone who uses a press tool to make a living, you have come to the right place.

And if you’re someone who wants to use a press tool for household or some kind of do-it-yourself work, you are welcome, too.

We know how confusing it is to decide between tools you haven’t used before, especially when it is such a significant investment like this.

So, in this M12 vs. M18 Press Tool guide, we will provide a detailed analysis, with advantages and disadvantages from both the press tools.

And we hope to make your final selection between M12 vs. M18 a little easier for you!

M12 vs M18 Press Tool Comparison in 2023

1. M12 Press Tool

Here’s one of the best press tools from Milwaukee in terms of both efficiency and affordability.

If you’re among the many people who are not willing to make a total investment in a press tool like the M12 press tool, you will love this one.

Like most Milwaukee tools, it has an innovative design. In addition to that, it comes in a smaller form and measures only about 3.8 pounds.

With its in-line design, you can press with just a single hand. As you may know, manual pressing takes a lot of time, energy, and sweat.

You can change all that with this press tool. It requires little to no extra pressure, and you can use it everywhere you can reach with your hands.

The M12 press tool includes a sensor which will notify when adjustment is deemed necessary. Besides, it will also indicate the development of a safe link.

Moreover, the device is operated with the Milwaukee impressive Red Lithium battery, and the pack includes two additional ones.

And it ensures that you have both the wireless connectivity and the AC connection if you need it.

The M12 press tool is a high-quality, portable press tool, which provides fantastic features for the price.

To accommodate specialist plumbers, it has excellent strength, structure, and cycle life and comes in at a significantly lower price compared to others on the market.

So, if the budget is a concern, you won’t get a comparable price on any other press tool.

However, if you want the superior level tool with the most overall efficiency on the market right now, look at our next option.


  • Provides amazing product configuration
  • 5-second cycle time, which makes working very fast and efficient
  • Enables a total of 32,000 cycles between safety checks
  • Shows indication verifying a stable link
  • Best budget press tool, much cheaper than the M18 press tool


  • Not quite as efficient as the M18 press tool, but well worth the price

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2. M18 Press Tool

From Milwaukee, this short-throw press tool is an exceptional tool for both home and professional users. It is powered with RedLithium and can be used to press up to one-inch PEX installation.

It does not require any configuration and uses specialized jaws compatible with the Viega PureFlow PEX Press Systems.

With three different forms of PEX tubing, this press tool is unique. What makes it different from copper is that all types of Viega tubing provide confirmed tolerance to chemically reactive water factors and prolonged life.

As the use of PEX is now increasing in different plumbing systems, there has been a rise in household usage.

And throughout the period, Milwaukee has maintained its position at the top M18 press tool.

Apart from UPC and universal standards for transportable water sources, Viega tubing satisfies specific ASTM requirements.

Besides functionality, this tool is impressive in terms of design and use as well. The compact configuration of the revolutionary M18 allows the user to operate it using only one hand.

As it has a cycle time of only 3 seconds and the potential to press 400 one-inch connectors with just one charge, it helps home users to finish their work quicker and more conveniently than almost every other alternative, without even having to exert any extra pressure.

Although the M18 Press Tool is highly-priced, it offers incredible functionalities that make it well worth the price. But both plumbers and home users are generally scared to make such an investment.

However, if you are someone who presses for a living or even if you are an enthusiast who would use it quite frequently, this will make your experience much smoother and faster.


  • Lightweight and can be operated just using one hand
  • Makes working much seamless and easier
  • Offers a 3-second cycle time, which makes it 40 percent more efficient than similar press tools
  • Contains indicator that confirms a secure connection
  • Perfect for professionals and people who require heavy-duty performance


  • Very expensive compared to the M12 press tool

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M12 Press Tool or M18 Press Tool?

Here are the factors that make the two press tools different from one another.


Indeed, the most significant difference between the two press tools from Milwaukee is the level of power output.

As Milwaukee M12 press tools have batteries that are relatively smaller in size and also more compact, they are most appropriate for anyone whose work does not need high power or voltage but does need the help of the press tool.

On the other hand, Milwaukee M18 press tools have bigger batteries, specifically for M18s. So, these are most suitable for anyone who has heavy-duty work and needs high power.

Cycle Time

For Milwaukee M12 press tools, the cycle time is 5 seconds, which is great for a less powerful and affordable press tool.

By now, it is quite evident that the Milwaukee M18 press tools are very powerful and efficient. Hence, they have a cycle time of only 3 seconds.


As the Milwaukee M12 press tools have relatively smaller batteries and lower voltage output, they are cheaper.

Whereas the Milwaukee M18 press tools have big and string batteries and provide excellent power and voltage to perform heavy-duty workload.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Force Logic Press Tool?

Force logic press tools are minimal and intuitive press tools built to operate for any big suitable manufacturers, offering unparalleled flexibility.

These advanced systems are designed not just to enhance but also to alter how the pipe is hooked up everywhere radically.

What Is the Primary Difference Between Milwaukee M12 and M18?

The M12 batteries are relatively small and thinner and are the right choice for those who require press tools but don’t need maximum power or voltage.

On the other hand, the M18 batteries are equipped exclusively for M18 tools and are more suitable for prolonged use and heavy-duty applications where power and voltage are prioritized.

Are the Batteries in the Milwaukee M12 and M18 Press Tools Interchangeable?

No, the batteries can not be interchanged. The M12 batteries can only be used with M12 tools, just like the M18 batteries can only be used with the M18 tools.

Which is Better Dewalt or Milwaukee?

They’re both undoubtedly great tools. But Milwaukee is better as it provides excellent performance and a much greater useful life than Dewalt, which only provides half the longevity.

Why Are Milwaukee Tools So Expensive?

Price is always a crucial factor when buying tools and types of equipment, but it can never be the primary one.

The Milwaukee tools are designed for intense performance and deliver almost unprecedented performance.

They are used in extreme circumstances by skilled plumbers, mechanics, and more. And they’re all coming back because of the quality and results.


Here, we have provided a comprehensive review of both the press tools from Milwaukee. We hope you can make the right choice between M12 vs. M18 Press Tool now!

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