Testo 320 vs 330

Testo 320 vs 330 – What’s The Difference?

Whether you are an HVAC technician or just someone interested in measuring different fuel applications, we got you.

Combustion analyzers measure the air to fuel proportion of burners and estimate the performance of the heaters.

Then it displays them on the screen. Great quality analyzers come with high-resolution colored monitors that let you interpret the data vividly.

We know how difficult it can get to find the right combustion analyzer. So, in this testo 320 vs 330 comparison guide, we will discuss two of the best combustion analyzers from Testo and help you decide between them.

Testo 320 vs 330 – Comparison 2023

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1. Testo 320

This combustion analyzer from Testo is one of the best available on the market. Whether you want one for commercial use or residential use, the Testo 320 will serve your purpose.

The kit contains some great tools and accessories, such as a flue gas probe and an IR printer.

Equipped for use in all kinds of combustion measuring scenarios, it has advanced detectors to ensure the precision you desire.

There are many uses for this particular instrument. It measures flue gas, flue draught, pressure, atmospheric CO, variable temperature, detects a gas leak, and more.

All data and other related information from its calculations are seen on the colored, high-resolution graphic display panel.

Besides, it can view up to 8 performance parameters all at the same time. And that makes it much convenient for HVAC technicians to evaluate and measure critical data feedback.

Designed to enhance the simplicity of usability, it is super easy to operate and maintain.

It comes with system instructions that are easy to comprehend, and it has uniform calculation methods that are easy to get used to.

So, you can use it without prior skills and obtain a quicker pace of work, thanks to its convenient and straightforward mechanism.

Inside the kit, you will get all sorts of equipment and accessories you need, along with the analyzer. And you can use these to measure just about anything.

Hence, if you’re an HVAC professional looking for a good quality combustion analyzer for household and industrial uses, this is one to consider.


  • Colored HD display that shows up to 8 different performance parameters at the same time
  • Very easy to use display monitor
  • Provides a great range of applications that include different kinds of measurements and gas leak detection
  • Includes plenty of tools and accessories, including gas probe and wireless printer
  • Made for household and commercial uses


  • Not meant for heavy-duty industrial use

2. Testo 330

Here’s another combustion analyzer from Testo, which provides unprecedented performance. Although it is quite costly, it has some fantastic features to go with the price tag.

Most importantly, it allows you to complete operations and repair examinations efficiently and effectively.

This top-grade combustion analyzer blends innovative sensor technologies, improved security, great longevity, and simple maintenance.

Including site-replaceable, pre-set sensors, this Testo combustion analyzer guarantees a long life span, providing a wide variety of flue gas measurement applications.

Although it does not have any sensor for NO, it does have for O2 and CO, which are top-quality sensors.

Just like the Testo 320, this one has a colored high resolution, graphic display with remarkable features.

Thanks to the stunningly designed color monitor, you can easily envision the calculation data for flue gas and more.

The device has magnets inserted inside the body, which allows you to easily stick it to a metal object and obtain measurements just as quickly.

Besides its built-in monitoring system, it provides a traffic light color coding scheme and a quick status update.

Thanks to its customizable sensors, the sensor filter can be quickly removed and changed.

Lastly, it has a recording feature that lasts up to two hours of uninterrupted analysis and a huge buffer that can store up to 500,000 observations.

It indeed is pricey equipment. But does have some impressive functionality es. Whether it is worth it depends on you.


  • Excellent color screen with a traffic color coding scheme
  • User-friendly mechanism
  • Provides a wide variety of applications from numerous types of measuring applications.
  • Includes the necessary measuring instruments and accessories
  • Built for household and industrial use, it can maintain a heavy-duty workload


  • Very expensive
  • Cannot measure NO readings

Testo 320 or Testo 330?

Although these are combustion analyzers from the same brand and they have some pretty standard features, they do have some distinctive qualities.


As the Testo 320 combustion analyzer provides a wide range of measurement applications, it can be used for residential and commercial uses.

And it can be used by both skilled workers and beginners, without so much as trouble, thanks to its user-friendly design.

Having much similar performance and applications, the Testo 330 combustion analyzer is the same. All can use it for both residential and commercial purposes.


Although both have similar usage, they don’t have the same level of performance. While the Testo 320 combustion analyzer is excellent at what it does, it doesn’t offer support for heavy-duty work.

In contrast, the Testo 330 combustion analyzer provides high-level performance and can withstand heavy-duty industrial use.


The Testo 320 combustion analyzer has a relatively lower price for being such a useful tool. However, it does not support a heavy-duty workload.

On the other hand, the Testo 330 combustion analyzer comes at a very high price point.

And most of it is because of its extreme durability and functionality, especially for healthy and robust performance standards.

Just because the latter supports a stronger workload, it doesn’t automatically make it better. This is because most people, even HVAC technicians, don’t require that level of performance.

So whether it is worth the price depends entirely on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is the Best Brand for Combustion Analyzers?

Some different brands are quite significant in terms of performance. And Testo is undoubtedly among the best. They offer a wide range of measurement applications.

Does Testo 320 Support Bluetooth Connectivity?

Yes, both of these Testo models allow Bluetooth connectivity for ease of use.

Does the Package Include All Kinds of Necessary Tools?

Everything you need to use the devices is included in the package for both models. It also has a user manual.

How Should I Use the Testo Analyzers?

You can check for the manual in the package. Both models include user manuals that provide direct instructions on how to set them up.

Which One Provides Greater Value for Money between Testo 320 and Testo 330?

Between Testo 320 and Testo 330, there are few distinct differences. And the most important one is the heavy-duty industrial work. Only the Testo 330 allows heavy-duty industrial work.

For most people, the Testo 320 does seem like a better deal unless your work requires extreme heavy-duty. In that case, go for the other option.


Now that we have discussed all two different combustion analyzers from Testo, we hope you could learn about the fantastic instruments that measure various applications.
So, let us know which one you picked between testo 320 vs 330.

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