Welder Generator VS Generator

Welder Generator VS Generator – Comparison in 2023

Sometimes it might be tough to select a good one from two options. In this article, our welder generator vs generator face-off will help you figure out which kind of machine is right for you. Basically, it depends on what features and requirements are most important to you.

A welder generator is a special device that can be used for joining any two metals with a welding machine and as a generator for backup power supply. Hence, when you do not use it for welding, it can be used as a power supply and save you money and time.

An electric generator alters mechanical energy to electricity for transmission & delivery over electric power lines for residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. Generators can generate adequate power required for aircraft, automobiles, ships too

Welder generator vs Generator: an in-depth comparison

Some people like the Welder generators combo; however, I would like to talk separately about both of them, and here is the detailed description with different uses.

Welder generator

A welder generator produces tremendous power for welding without the help of other electric sources. It’s effortless to fill up the fuel tank, and just as you deal with a regular generator, the welder generator will provide power to your welder machine where you need it.

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Uses of Welder generator

Welder generators are an essential part of many industry sectors, farms, construction sites etc. The machine can work as a stand-alone generator, which is the focal benefit of the welder generator. It can be a better investment in a welding generator and have a two-in-one machine for one’s price.

It becomes indispensable where electricity is not available, but it is still needed for some construction work. For instance, In every year, when floods come, a plenty of snowfall, ice around the world, and record-breaking temperatures that time countless people lose their electricity because of power lines coming down. There are desperately needed lights, tools, and appliances.

So, if your IPS or generator runs out of fuel or charge, you can utilize your welder generator in any unwanted weather calamity.

Prices of Welder generators

When you come to the price, it depends on the size and the power capacity. The larger and high wattage capacity generator demands a higher price. Yes, everyone knows that!
If you go for the high quality, it comes around $5000 or above from online. Some of the reputed and well-known industrialists offer welder generators. If you would like to purchase an average welder generator at a lower cost, you need to spend $500 minimum.

Is it possible to use a welder generator as a generator?

Definitely, it’s possible! So when you have no work for welding, you can run the generator power such as for lights, fans, AC, emergency power etc. This way, it saves you space, money, and hassle in maintaining two separate machines. Cool, isn’t it?

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Is a 5kva generator suitable for welding?

Yes, you can use it, but the minimum recommended generator size is not less than 7kva. The welder might run to some level, but it is not a good idea if you use under 7kva generators.

We often see that some of the welder machine suppliers offer their machines run by generators with 4-5kva.

Well, it works with this power; however, it will consume more power, and your task can become much more challenging. Besides that, it will significantly raise the likelihood of severe power spikes that might damage the expensive welder or cause it to shut down frequently.


Generators can produce electricity continuously, and bigger generators can create a larger amount of electricity. The primary function of a generator is to transform chemical energy into electrical energy by capturing the power of motion and forcing electrons from the exterior source through an electrical circuit. Finally, it converts into electrical energy and we get electricity.

Uses of Generator:

Generator, it is used in various cases. Here we are showing some significant fields where it needs potentially:

Many consumers choose a small and portable generator that can preserve the fridge running in addition to a few fans blowing, and other minor appliances driven until the main power comes back.
A standby generator is the best approach for the company’s businesses to ensure a virtually continuous power supply. Within a few hours for downed equipment, millions of dollars order might be missed, and customers can lose forever.

Moreover, It is essential in specific industries like hospitals where it is mandatory to have a continuous power supply. And that would be done by a generator so power doesn’t go for a single time.

A lot of schools and sporting organizations depend on generators. It controls scoreboards, lights for evening or night games, speakers for announcing, and other electronics.

Prices of Generator

One of the high-quality price generators is Cummins Onan Diesel. Its speed operation is constant with hour meter and digital voltage regulation. At a time it can play three rooftop air conditioners for an RV. The price of this generator would be $11347 online.
On the other hand, for those who want to buy at a reasonable cost, Dokio might be a good choice. It has a 100W 18V portable and the cost will be $144.99.


After analyzing some crucial aspects of welder generator vs generator, we can say that both are extremely powerful and have different uses in different situations. However, I noticed a big point that a welder generator is the best choice for those who need a welding machine and a generator. But it requires a minimum power of 7kva.

Moreover, generators act just as an alternative electricity source. Although a good advantage is that you can run it without any minimum power restriction.
Now, it’s your turn to take a decision which one will be better for you.

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