Rheem vs Goodman Air Conditioner

Rheem vs Goodman Air Conditioner – Comparison of 202`

Heat — one of the greatest contributory factors in the increasing number of illnesses, much worse, death in society. Although it is needed by your body in certain amounts, too much of it is certainly not good for your health.

That is why you may need something that can lessen up the heat at the same time relieve you from stress due to the same. Without a doubt, an air conditioner (AC) is a lifesaver when it comes to this problem.

In this guide, let’s find out which between the two, Rheem vs. Goodman AC, is suitable for you.

Well, you deserve to have a place that can provide you with utmost comfort, security, and, most especially, safety, such as one away from dehydration, heat stroke, asthma attack, and other illnesses.
Read on!

Rheem vs Goodman Air Conditioner – Comparison of 2023

Goodman Air Conditioner Overview

Goodman Air Conditioner Overview

If you want comfort at the same time, equipment that is efficient to use under hot conditions, Goodman air conditioners are a good choice for you! It is based in Houston, Texas and founded by Harold V. Goodman.

More excitingly, it is considered as the world’s largest manufacturer of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) products.

Also, it ensures that it provides affordable equipment for home use not just in the US but in other countries as well. Later, it expanded its business to include gas heating products.

Here are some of the features Goodman is known for:

Energy Efficiency

To determine the efficiency of the AC, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) records the cooling output and the electrical input for a certain period.

The AC is considered as energy-efficient when the SEER is high. And because it offers ACs with high SEER, most of them are energy-efficient!

Less Noise Operation

One factor to consider when looking for an AC is the noise the product makes. It is more convenient to work in a place where there is no disturbing noise produced by any equipment.

Although it is inevitable for ACs to produce noise, some devices are quieter than the other.

With Goodman, the noise is minimized because every AC is made with insulators that control it. Well, as compared to other brands, it produces little noise and ranges only from 40dB at its normal up to 70dB.

Condensing Coils and Smart-Frame Air Handlers

Goodman units are designed with a condenser. And this is made of copper tubing and aluminum fins that allow the transfer of thermal heat.

Also, the Smart Frame Air Handlers allows each product to endure high-humid conditions to ensure efficiency and better quality.

Recommended Goodman Air Conditioners

You have just discovered its features and now let’s take a look at some of Goodman’s AC products.

1. 3 Ton Goodman 14 SEER Air Conditioner

This unit boasts 14 SEER rating, just ideal for medium-sized houses. It only produces lesser noise during operation so you won’t be disturbed especially when you’re relaxing at home. Good thing that it is designed for smooth and quiet operation.

This can surely give you the cooling comfort at the same time a quiet place to stay in. That is because of the single speed condenser fan that controls the sound regardless of the temperature.

Well, this is ranked average when it comes to efficiency. And you are sure about that since it is duly regulated under the Efficiency Standards of the DOE.

Also, the highly efficient compressor is environmentally friendly because it ensures that it performs its job without harming the ozone layer.

Not to mention, it comes with a copper tubing and aluminum fin condenser that brings a lot of savings and convenience in your own home.


  • Energy-efficient compressor
  • Factory-installed filter drier
  • Copper tubing/aluminum fin coil
  • Sound controlled design
  • AHRI certified
  • Contactor with lug connection
  • Single panel access


  • May require EOM parts; only purchased from a specific manufacturer

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2. 3 Ton Goodman 16 SEER Air Conditioner

This product has a heat pump condenser that is designed to help you save money, especially in your electric bill. And because of its high-quality construction, you are ensured of its durability, making it a perfect choice for long-term use at home.

Well, there is no doubt Goodman aims to provide you with the utmost comfort, highest efficiency, and affordability.

Since it is equipped with the SmartShift technology and sound insulation as well, this can operate at a minimal noise so you won’t be easily annoyed especially when it’s time for you to relax.

With its 16 SEER rating, you are assured to save around 12 percent in your electric bill as compared to other products that normally have 14 SEER rating.

Yes, you may incur additional costs for the upgrade of the product, but you can save a lot of money in the long run.


  • Energy-efficient compressor
  • Durable and reliable product
  • Could save a lot of money
  • Smart shift technology
  • Rust-resistant coated screws
  • Gauge ports and service valves
  • Sound insulation structure


  • You can only purchase EOM parts from a specific manufacturer

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3. 4 Ton Goodman 14 SEER Air Conditioner

If you want a unit that is environmentally friendly, this unit may be a good choice. This has a chlorine-free refrigerant that prevents harm to the ozone layer.

Much more, it is equipped with sound-dampening features that ensure you a noise-free operation either in heating or cooling mode.

With its condenser having a 14 SEER rating, you are guaranteed of an energy-efficient product when in use.

Also, it is made with a heavy-duty galvanized steel cabinet and a powder paint finish that protects it from any toxic environment.

Much more, it can withstand the changing temperature, humidity level, and wind condition making it versatile enough to stand through time.

But then, you may need to hire a certified HVAC installer to make sure that everything fits well.

Although it has no heat pump as well as being not qualified with Energy Star, it comes with an energy-efficient compressor that works smoothly.

Anyway, this offers a single-stage operation paired with an air handler coil that can give you comfort even in the warmest condition.


  • Chlorine-free refrigerant
  • Safe for the ozone layer
  • With condenser of 14 SEER
  • Energy-efficient compressor
  • Factory-installed filter dryer
  • Copper tubing/aluminum fin coil
  • AHRI certified


  • No heat pump
  • Not energy star qualified

Rheem Air Conditioner Overview

Rheem Air Conditioner Overview

In purchasing an AC, you must consider various factors such as affordability, efficiency, quietness, longevity, and maintenance. Aside from Goodman, Rheem is also one of the known brands in the market.

This brand is commonly known for its affordable and top quality products, together with long warranty periods and innovative cooling solutions.

More excitingly, its products are usually Energy Star certified with high SEER and cost-effective features that thereby ensures quality performance.

Efficiency and Performance

The Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) provides the measurement in determining the performance of a unit.

This brand assures you that its products are efficient to perform at high standards with EER of more than 10. Just take note when that is the case, it is already considered to be efficient and of better quality.

Well, Rheem has an EER between 13 and 20.5 and it varies depending on the model you have at home.

Also, each product earned Energy Star certification that assures you an energy-efficient performance.

So whether you want to keep your house cool throughout the year, Rheem has all the solutions for you!


This product is coated with rubber linings to provide quietness function when in operation.

It has a powder-coated body with metal and plastic materials. However, it is not the quietest air conditioning unit in the market. Other units are not quiet and make a lot of sounds when condenser starts functioning.

Durability and Innovation

This brand is popular when it comes to its durability. Their first unit created since 1970 is still functioning until this moment.

Its AC units are designed with innovative technologies, and Energy Star certified that ensures you of its good quality and cost-efficiency.

Recommended Rheem Air Conditioners

At this point, we will review some of the best products of Rheem.

4. Rheem 2 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioning System

This product is designed with powerful technology that can give you the energy-saving performance that you ever needed.

It is the best heat pump system that functions quietly and efficiently as well as ensures longevity so you can use it for a longer-term.

Since Rheem uses a compliant scroll compressor, you are sure that the device can run smoother and quieter.

Well, it is a cost-effective and reliable product that you can ever find in the market that guarantees you 100 percent satisfaction.

Much more, its condenser is Energy Star certified, thereby warranting a highly efficient and most reliable product that you’ve ever imagined.

This is corrosion-resistant too, which means that it is capable of withstanding various weather conditions without even damaging!

The PSC indoor blower motor is quiet, so there’s no way you will get irritated with unwanted noise.

This is made possible with the enhanced mufflers, so whatever you do, the sound is quieter than any other ACs.


  • Certified Energy Star condenser
  • Highly efficient and reliable
  • Quiet indoor blower motor
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Four-way design installation
  • Aluminum evaporator coil
  • Durable


  • AC only
  • Requires additional cost for heat kit

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5. Rheem 2.5 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioning System

If you ever want a condenser that is Energy Star certified, then this AC may be a good idea! It has an efficient speed ECM indoor blower motor that maintains a quiet performance when in operation at home.

Well, the enhanced fan openings are able to optimize the airflow, thereby reducing the sound of the unit.

This is equipped with the powder coat paint system that allows the product to last for a long time.

Its aesthetics makes it even more appealing, not to mention, goes in style.
Also, the diagnostic service window comes with 2 fastener openings that allow you to access high and low pressures.

Plus, it is tested for about 1,500 hours of salt spray, and it has proven that it is rust-resistant.

Featuring high efficiency, this 16 SEER device has an on-demand dehumidification terminal that adjusts airflow so you can obtain the optimum comfort that you always wanted.

Also, you can control the humidity using the cooling mode for added comfort. There is no doubt that this is one of the best ACs of Rheem.


  • High efficiency
  • Rust-resistant screws
  • Powder coat paint system
  • Energy-efficient ECM motor
  • Has a versatile 4-way convertible designs
  • Single row coil condenser


  • Expensive compared to other products with the same SEER
  • Poor customer service

6. 5 Ton Rheem 14.5 SEER Air Conditioning System

If your main goal is to have a home that can give you the utmost comfort, then this product may be a good choice.

Well, this has a condenser duly certified with an Energy Star. This means that it can cool down your place without compromising too much energy, which also means electricity costs!

This is designed with a quiet and efficient torque ECM indoor blower motor, so the noise won’t be a problem as compared to other ACs that usually produce undesirable sounds.

Perhaps, the enhanced mufflers are also responsible for a quiet operation by reducing energy vibration.

Also, the insulated air handler blower compartment is made to enhance its thermal and sound performance, thereby adding to your convenience when in use.

It also has an improved condenser coil design that minimizes the vibration as well as possible leaks, so you are sure of its optimum functionality.

With a 14.5 SEER, this guarantees you an efficient and high-quality unit. Well, having more than 10 SEER indicates that a device can provide you with optimum and reliable performance.

Plus, this also comes with a corrosion-resistant air handler drain pan thereby ensuring long-term use.


  • Highly efficient
  • Corrosion-resistant condensate air handler drain pan
  • Energy-efficient ECM motor
  • Has a versatile 4-way convertible designs
  • Scroll compressor
  • Suitable for mobile use
  • Uses R410A refrigerant


  • Poor customer service

Rheem or Goodman: Which One to Choose?

Both come with unique features as well as their own pros and cons. It is hard to choose between the two, but depending upon your needs and preferences, the best one lies on you!

Anyway, when it comes to high-quality construction, Rheem may be a good option. But if we’re talking about the better customer support system, aside from its great features, of course, then you can always opt for Goodman units.

Well, Rheem and Goodman have a lot of things in common. In choosing a product, you can also look for the SEER rating, the higher it goes, the more efficient and energy-saving the product is.

Also, check the availability of the replacement parts in the market. Many high efficient brands require EOM specific parts that you can only purchase from a specific manufacturer.

This may limit your choices as well as let you incur higher costs.


It may be hard to determine which between Rheem vs Goodman air conditioner is the best choice for you.

Well, both come with similar features though each model differs in SEER rating, which is very important in ensuring that it is energy efficient.

Whatever your option will be, the discretion still lies to you. In the end, it still depends upon your wants and needs!

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