MERV 8 vs MERV 12 Air Flow

MERV 8 vs MERV 12 Air Flow – Comparison of 2023

Clean air – that’s what everyone needs, whether you’re at home, school, or workplace. It’s quite hard to have that, pollution is rampant nowadays.

However, if you have a device that can promote clean air, such as an air filter, then maybe you can achieve cleaner air.

In this guide, let us find out the difference between MERV 8 vs. MERV 12 airflow and eventually decide which of the two suits you best.

Anyway, this device can help enhance air quality through the removal of particulates and pollutants in a system or setting.

It is worth noting that as the MERV rating increases, the filter becomes more particulate-restrictive and may need more energy to pass through air.

So if you have plans to buy an air filter, you have come to the right place!

MERV 8 vs MERV 12 Air Flow – Comparison in 2023

MERV 8 Overview

If you want an air filter that is good enough to provide you with excellent indoor efficiency, for simple residential and commercial use, then you should consider one with a MERV 8 score.

With this, you can obtain a sufficient airflow without affecting the performance of your HVAC systems.

More excitingly, it is packed with great features that could justify why it is the most widely used filter on the market today.

Let us delve deeper into its features!


Normally, this airflow uses a 2-inch pleated air filter. It comes with a disposable expanded surface that has a blended media-thickened with cotton-polyester, so you are ensured that it won’t wear down easily. Also, this is enclosed in a cardboard frame for added durability.

Regular filters have as many as 14 pleats per foot. This only indicates that it is designed to ensure you of greater functionality.

If you have more pleats on your filters, you would need more surface area to trap greater amounts of pollutants and particles.


This device can provide you with optimum performance. The filters are capable of collecting up to 90 percent of particles and pollutants.

So it is a must-have especially that it can get rid of pollen, dust, lint, dust mites, dirt, pet dander, and more! You will surely love how this device works!

Well, it has a dust spot efficiency of up to 35 percent, so it is perfect for small particles that are 3 to 10 micrometers in size.

This makes it a good choice for cleaning the air at home or in the workplace. There is no doubt that this airflow is made to ensure that it gets the job done with ease and comfort.

Is It User-Friendly?

The pleated filter media of this device does not promote the growth of any mold, bacteria, fungi, and more when used in normal environments.

Also, it is not chemically treated, so it won’t be harmful to your health as well as the environment.

This can be conveniently mounted on your machine and can be serviced and managed without any trouble at all. Much more, it can last up to 3 months, or even a year, for as long as it is maintained regularly.

This only means that you won’t have to make replacements constantly, thereby saving costs.

Troy Filters EZ-Pleat MERV 8 Air Filters

If you want a filter that goes beyond the average quality of commercial standard, then look no further. Although it is very affordable, it is designed with optimum quality to ensure that you will be satisfied with its outcome.

This filter can surely aid you to breathe easily and confidently at home or in your office. It has 16 pleats per foot so it can cover more surface area for filtering as compared to a flat panel filter.Also, this comes in many sizes, so you have a wide array of discretion.

You also don’t need to replace your airflow regularly because it can be used for up to 3 months. And that is already enough term compared to other regular airflows that you can find on the market!


  • Affordable price
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Can cover more surface area
  • Comes with various sizes
  • Optimum quality device


  • Not the most sturdy

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MERV 12 Overview

If you have a filter with a higher MERV rating just like this one, you’re sure that it can remove all sorts of particles and contaminants from your air, such as pollen, mold, spores, coal dust, nebulizer dust, car emissions, milled flour, and more.

However, it may slightly affect the circulation of air from your HVAC system. This is because more resistance can cause it to do more work.

But then again, each rating has its own pros and cons. Anyway, let us find out some of the great features of this item!


The typical cleaner or air filter used therein is a bag filter. Usually, it is made of non-supported microfine fiberglass or synthetic media so it can filter the air efficiently as possible.

Also, this comes with 6 to 12 pockets and has a normal width from 12 to 36 inches. With this, you can have a high degree of particle control so you will be ensured of quality air at home.


MERV 12 filters are extremely effective in the eradication of pollutants and particles between 1 and 3 µ. This is made with a dust spot efficiency of approximately 70 to 75 percent.

Much more, it is known to have an arrestance of up to 95 percent or even greater. Using this can allow you to breathe without worrying about health-related problems a non-filtered air can cause to you and your family.

Is It User-Friendly?

High-rated filters are best suited for use in hospital laboratories, commercial buildings, or any residential buildings.

Usually, it can last longer than any one-inch regular disposable air filters with a much lower MERV rating that you can find on the market. With this, you’ll have fewer filter adjustments and lower maintenance costs.

Nordic Pure MERV 12 Pleated Plus Carbon AC Furnace Air Filters

If you’re looking for an air filter that can provide superior filtration at the same time regulate the odor, then this product is ideal for you.

This is made with a dual-layer filter fused with a carbon layer, specifically the MERV grade filter, to ensure you of the utmost functionality.

It is designed to provide you with clean, odorless air with less airflow restriction. In fact, this can cover more surface area of up to 33 percent.

Also, the activated carbon helps you get rid of pollutants from smoke, household dust, allergens, and many more.


  • Not too expensive
  • Frame constructed from a heavy-duty, moisture-resistant beverage board
  • Made of electrostatically charged material
  • Ensures superior filtration
  • Promotes optimum functionality


  • Restricts airflow

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MERV 12 or MERV 8 — Which One to Choose?

Indeed, you will have a lot of choices of air filters in the market today. And choosing one may be hard, that is why many have been asking which is better between the two.

One of the things that you should consider in opting for a certain filter depends on the form of pollutants and particles that you want to monitor.

The MERV 12 will probably eliminate even smaller particles compared to MERV 8 which is less costly.

However, note that filters with higher efficiency value ratings have more airflow resistance and can stress your furnace system, so in choosing one, make sure that you consider what you may just be needing.


After carefully evaluating the specification, efficiency, and convenience of MERV 8 vs MERV 12 airflow, we hope that you already have one in mind.

Well, MERV 8 is cheaper but provides good filtration, particularly for homes and offices. On the other hand, MERV 12 can give excellent filtration, especially in hospital laboratories, commercial buildings, and more, although it has some minor effect on your HVAC system’s airflow.

To make it short, your discretion lies in your needs.

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