Goodman vs. Lennox HVAC Systems

Goodman vs. Lennox HVAC Systems – Comparison of 2023

HVAC machines- they can give us relief from the day’s heat as well as comfort in the cold winter nights. There are many brands that you can find on the market nowadays, but in this article, let us talk about the leading two. Well, it’s indeed a challenge to determine which between Goodman vs. Lennox is a good choice!

To address the question, there are several variables to consider. Factors like performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are the topmost priorities. Both of these brands have their advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll look at the features of each of them to help you decide which one will be best for you.

Goodman vs. Lennox HVAC Systems – Comparison 2023

Goodman Quality HVAC Systems

Goodman has been in the HVAC industry for quite a while now, and it has continuously provided users with high-quality units at an affordable price. Well, its experiences are clearly manifested in its products, and it has tons of great AC units and furnaces under its belt.

When it comes to efficiency and durability, it’s also a very trusted brand. And it can give you the comfort of adequate warming and cooling effect for your home. Some units even have additional features for more convenience.
To get to know more about all these features, keep reading!


This is one of the most important features of any HVAC system. It can be linked to the unit’s effectiveness in cooling or warming your home. Products by Goodman are known to provide top-notch performance, maintaining superb efficiency.

Also, its products’ Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings are at par with the highest in the industry.

Much more, its furnaces have really high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings. Some even reach as far as 96 percent — one of the highest AFUE ratings.

This level of efficiency can save you a lot of money in the long run because it can significantly cut down utility costs.


Products made by Goodman are made to undergo several tests to ensure its durability, like a 500-hour salt spray test to make sure that the unit is corrosion-resistant. This allows you to place your HVAC unit in more locations of your house without incurring rust.

The units from the said brand have very reliable structures and are made with high-quality materials. Thus, they have a longer service life – resisting the wear and tear of daily use.


All HVAC units produced by Goodman are very easy to use and are designed for your convenience. These units are compact in size, so you can save much more space. They’re also designed to blend in with your home’s design seamlessly.

And unlike most HVAC units, its products produce very minimal noise during operation to avoid being a distraction. They’re also easier to install since its units have a lot of installation choices.

Some of its units even have additional features like automatic temperature adjustments for added convenience and to help save more energy.


Most HVAC units manufactured by Goodman come at very affordable prices. While others might be slightly more when it comes to price, they’re worth it considering all the features you’ll be getting with your HVAC unit.

Best HVAC Systems by Goodman

Best HVAC Systems by Goodman

And since we’re on the subject of the features of Goodman’s products, here are some of its top HVAC units that you can choose from.

1. 3 Ton Goodman 14 SEER R410A Furnace Split System

This unit boasts of durability, great efficiency, and reliability. It combines an air conditioner and a gas furnace system in one unit—for the heat of the day and the chill of the night!

It has a SEER rating of 14, and this is high enough to cool your living space adequately. The furnace also has very high efficiency with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 96 percent, one of the highest ratings in the industry.

For convenience, this unit is designed to have a quiet operation. Perhaps its major drawback is its installation. This is because it is made only for upflow vertical installation.

You’ll be getting an AC and a furnace in one at a reasonable price. It’s the best value HVAC system you can have.


  • Comes with AC and furnace
  • High efficiency
  • Very powerful system
  • Pre-charged with refrigerant
  • Ensures reliability


  • Only one installation option

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2. Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner R-410a GSX160361

This 3 ton AC unit can efficiently cool medium-sized houses. It also has a very compact design and produces minimal noise during its operation.

The SEER rating of 16 is on par with other highly efficient units. This high efficiency will help cut down your utility costs significantly. And it is already pre-charged with a chlorine-free refrigerant.

To ensure durability, this condenser’s casing is made with heavy-duty galvanized steel, and it has a painted finish to keep it safe from corrosion. Like other of Goodman’s units, it has been tested with a 500-hour salt spray test.

This is the best budget-friendly AC unit you can get. It will definitely get the job done with all the features it comes with.


  • Pre-charged with refrigerant
  • Has a high SEER rating
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy installation and maintenance


  • Only suitable for medium-sized homes

3. Goodman 4 Ton 14 Seer Air Conditioning System

This is another great unit from Goodman; it’s highly efficient and made of premium-quality materials. It has a high SEER rating of 14. This is enough to cool medium-sized houses. Not only that, but it also comes pre-charged with a refrigerant that’s chlorine-free.

For added durability, this unit’s casing is constructed with galvanized steel. And then it’s topped off with a powder paint finish, so it’s resistant to corrosion. To make sure it’s safe under any weather, it undergoes a 500-hour salt spray test.

Overall, it’s a great choice. It’s both efficient and durable. Although it’s slightly more expensive, it’s still a great value buy if you consider those features that come along with it.


  • Can evenly cool wider areas
  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Highly efficient
  • Has a compact design


  • Slightly more expensive

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4. 3 Ton 14 Seer Goodman Package Air Conditioner

This unit features a cooling performance that’s highly energy-efficient. With its SEER rating of 14, you’ll be able to cut down your utility costs and save more money. It also comes fully charged with a chlorine-free refrigerant that is family and environmentally safe.

The unit is cased inside a cabinet made of heavy-duty, galvanized-steel for higher durability. And it has a top coating made of powder-paint finish that is UV-resistant.

Other than cooling, this unit can also be used for heating as long as a heater coil is installed. Although the price is slightly higher compared to other units, it’s worth it with the quality and performance it can offer.


  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Quiet performance
  • Made of durable materials
  • High SEER rating


  • Not ideal for large spaces

5. Goodman 3 Ton 15.5 SEER Air Conditioner Gas Furnace

This is another unit from Goodman that’s top of the line. Both its AC unit and furnace are highly efficient. Its AC has a SEER rating of 15.5, and this is higher than most units that you can find nowadays.

The furnace is also just as efficient with an AFUE rating of 96 percent, and this is one of the highest ratings in the market. It can heat larger areas with its heat output of 120,000 BTU.

Both the units are also very durable, with casings made of high-grade steel. Despite being more expensive, you’ll be getting both a high-quality furnace and AC unit, so it’s worth it.


  • Both the AC and furnace are highly efficient
  • Constructed with durable components
  • Can cover a larger area
  • Faster heating and cooling


  • More pricey

Lennox Highly Efficient HVAC Systems

This line of HVAC systems has AC units that have some of the highest SEER ratings in the market. The SEER ratings of some of its units even reach as high as 20. Because of its highly efficient products, it was included in Energy Star’s most efficient list.

Other than efficiency, it also has very durable products. And although it’s more expensive compared to some units by Goodman, its performance is worth it. After all, quality doesn’t come cheap.
Here are other features of this brand that make it a good investment.


Efficiency is an essential feature of all HVAC units. This shows the unit’s ability to make the most use of its input power and produce only minimal losses in its process.

Products by Lennox have more advantages when it comes to efficiency compared to Goodman’s AC units. Their units have some of the highest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings in the market.

Efficiency ratings that are this high can really help you save energy and a lot of money by cutting down utility costs. No doubt, they are a very worthy investment.


To ensure a longer-lasting product, Lennox makes it a point to test all its products meticulously. All their units go through several checkpoints and leakage tests to ensure optimum conditions when you get them.

They also have cases that are made with heavy-duty materials for added protection and a layer of premium paint, so they’re resistant to corrosion and suitable for any weather condition.


AC units should be designed with the user’s comfort in mind. Well, this is exactly what Lennox does with their products. Their units come with additional features that make it easier to use, like a variable operation feature that automatically varies the cooling power of the AC.

Some also have compact sizes, so they don’t take up too much space, and they have great rooftop units too, so you have more options.


Lennox products have a slightly higher price compared to others in the market. But if you look at the quality you’ll be getting, then you can see how it’s actually very affordable. Its efficiency also allows you to save more money in the long run by cutting down on utility costs.

Best Lennox Units You Can Buy

Best Lennox Units You Can Buy

Lennox has a lot of great products, so you can choose the best among them, check these out.

6. Lennox MS7-CO-24P1A/82W93 Mini-Split AIR Conditioner

This unit from Lennox is an outdoor AC unit. It’s very convenient to use, and you won’t have to make room for it in your living area since you can install it outdoors.

This also has a very high-efficiency rating with a SEER of 18, and it is higher than most AC units and is at par with highly-efficient units in the market. You will have less energy loss with this unit. This will even help you save more money.

Also, it comes pre-charged with a refrigerant, which is chlorine-free. So, if you’re looking for an outdoor unit that is both efficient and durable, then look no further.


  • Highly efficient performance
  • Pre-charged with refrigerant
  • Quiet operation
  • Promotes more money savings
  • Convenient to use


  • Doesn’t come with an indoor unit


This AC unit is also another highly efficient product by Lennox as a part of its series of units for rooftops called “Raider.”

It has a SEER rating of 13; thus, it can give you significant energy savings. You have the option to use it for heating by using a heat kit. It also meets the Energy Standard for Buildings.

This unit’s quality has been checked in various checkpoints during its manufacturing process, including several leak test to ensure reliability. For added durability, it is equipped with a base rail around its entire perimeter. It’s definitely a great choice for an efficient and reliable unit.


  • Efficient performance
  • Complies with several standard and tests
  • Promotes significant energy savings
  • More features for added durability
  • Anti-leak feature


  • Heat kits not included

8. Lennox 6 TON Convertible Rooftop ELEC/ELEC Unit

This product is both highly efficient and durable, and it’s just one of the many great rooftop units from Lennox.

Well, it is very efficient with a SEER of 13, making it suitable to fend off the heat during the day. Also, it comes with a fan blower that blows air at a rate of 2450 cubic feet per minute for faster cooling of the entire area.

For added durability, its casing is made of high-quality materials and is topped off with a coating of premium paint to keep it safe from corrosion.

And like other products from Lennox, this also comes pre-charged with a chlorine-free refrigerant. It’s a great value product and a worthy investment.


  • Good SEER rating
  • Faster cooling
  • Sturdy build for extreme conditions
  • Chlorine-free refrigerant thus eco-friendly
  • Affordable price


  • Does not have an indoor unit

9. Lennox Xc20 Variable-Capacity Air Conditioner

This air conditioner is one of the units with high efficiency. It also comes in a compact size and a sleek design that will easily blend with your room.

Certified by Energy Star, this AC has one of the highest efficiency ratings in the market. Its SEER rating reaches up to 20. This extremely high-efficiency rating will be able to give you a more optimized operation and help you save a lot of money.

The XC20 also features a variable-capacity operation. With this feature, it can adjust its cooling output to match your needs and save energy at the same time. And despite its powerful operation, you’ll be surprised to know that it operates with very minimal noise.


  • Very high efficiency
  • Has variable-capacity operation
  • Quiet operation
  • Sleek and compact design


  • Slightly more expensive

New Ducane 2.0 Ton Air Conditioning Condensing Unit

This central AC unit uses a single-stage compressor and ensures fewer malfunctions during operation. It’s very energy-efficient with a SEER rating of 13.

With this, you will be able to save more money on your energy bills. And it also comes pre-charged with R-410A—an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Moreover, it has a cooling capacity that ranges from 17,000 to 57,000 BTU, and this is enough to completely cool medium-sized homes. Despite its powerful operation, this AC produces only minimal noise, unlike other units.

Well, it is a pretty great deal that although it’s a bit more expensive, the quality is worth it.


  • Efficient performance
  • Produces minimal noise
  • High cooling capacity
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Powerful operation


  • More expensive

Goodman or Lennox – Which Is Better?

Now that we’ve discussed all the features of these two brands, which is better? Well, both brands have their own advantages and disadvantages. While Lennox has an advantage when it comes to efficiency, products by Goodman also have good efficiency ratings.

In terms of pricing, Goodman has units that are cheaper compared to that of Lennox. But products from Lennox aren’t excessively expensive either. So when you look at it from all possible angles, you’ll be making a good choice whichever of these two you choose. They’re both very efficient and reliable brands.

But in order to make sure that you will be making the best decision, you’ll have to survey your needs. Check the area you want to cover and the usual weather conditions in your location. In this way, the unit you’ll be buying will have all the necessary specifications that you’re going to need.


For this round of Lennox vs. Goodman HVAC systems, it’s more or less a tie. There’s no denying that these two brands are on the top of their game. Your needs will determine what you will choose, but whichever you end up is still a good investment.

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