Riello VS Beckett Oil Burner

Riello VS Beckett Oil Burner – Comparison in 2023

The benefits of having an oil burner at home are too many to dismiss. While some people don’t need it, many more would find oil burners as essential appliances that the household needs for many daily tasks.
While searching for the best, two brands come to the surface: Riello and Beckett.

If we were to compare them, which one would be the better pick between a Riello VS Beckett oil burner? That’s the question we’ll try to answer here. Continue reading to find out what these brands have to offer.

Riello VS Beckett Oil Burner


If you’re looking for a reliable oil burner, then Riello is the brand that has got what you need. Its burners perform with maximum efficiency, delivering a stable operation due to the high-quality components that minimize maintenance expenses and get rid of breakdowns.

Riello oil burners feature innovative mechanisms that will provide satisfactory results without barely any disadvantage. When compared, it’s easy to see why this brand is one step above the others. It’s not only about the quality parts, but also about the technology used to produce the boilers.

Checking the brand’s website gives us a catalog of several boilers available. For this article, we’ll use the Riello Family Pro model, which shares most of the same build with the other appliances offered by the brand.

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Design – Simple, But Effective

Under the first impression, Riello boilers are beautiful. Their exterior is spotless, with most of them featuring a white design that would fit in well anywhere in the house. The venting options; the units allow for a two-pipe direct vent set up, or one-pipe power vent in PP and CPVC.

For more convenience, the boilers can convert from a natural gas operation to propane, all of which you can do without a conversion kit.

Performance – Less Energy, Better Results

Units like the Family Pro have an AFUE rating of 95%, with a turndown ratio of 7:1, and minimal NOx emissions. While active, the boiler delivers around 4.0 gallons of hot water per minute, at a temperature of 72°F rise.

Riello boilers are particularly popular because of their efficiency. These appliances are capable of working well without using too much energy, which helps saving money and ensures reliable performance during the day.

User-Friendly – Intuitive and Automatic Adjustments

Riello boilers have intuitive controls, providing a graphic color display and an interface easy to understand. Users are capable of adjusting the boiler’s settings easily, ditching the need for reading the manual to make even the slightest change.

Even then, the unit will do most of the job itself. The internal system performs an automatic calibration that improves its efficiency. Other than that, it also creates an automatic air purge, and the boiler has a warm weather shutdown mechanism as well.

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And then, there’s Beckett. This brand has been active in the market for many decades now, and the quality of its equipment backs up a solid reputation. Boilers produced by Beckett feature outstanding internal mechanisms with quality parts and state of the art technology.

For reference, we’ll use the AF/AFG oil burner. This unit is a clear example of improved performance with enhanced features that help homeowners deal with the challenges of the heating systems. Let’s see what this boiler has to offer for us.

Design – A Conglomerate of Productive Parts

The AF/AFG oil burner from Beckett features a 3450 RPM motor with manual reset overload protection. It delivers 5.8 amps of maximum operating load, requiring a power supply of 120V/60 Hz. Also, the fuel unit offers a single or two-stage functionality.

Overall, each part of the Beckett oil burners works well. In cases like the AF/AFG units, the sturdy die-cast and aluminum housing align everything inside perfectly, allowing smooth operation and protecting the unit’s durability.

Performance – Balance, Quality, and Consistency

The unit features an ignition transformer that works at 10,000V/23mA, which ignites fuel smoothly. This system has proper balance, and a shielded performance, producing no interference at all. It’s quite clear that the purpose of the boiler is for continuous heavy-duty operations.

Another benefit of the Beckett boilers is their flame retention head. It’s a single piece that delivers a stable operation, producing intense combustion to increase the unit’s efficiency up to 35%.

User-Friendly – Boilers for Everybody

Setting up most of Beckett’s oil burners is a pretty simple task. If you’re having trouble, the manuals provide every bit of information needed. Better yet, customers can check the brand’s website for in-depth information on how the units work.

Due to the high-capacity drive motor, the unit works continuously, and it’s capable of lasting for many years to come. Throughout its lifespan, the boiler rarely gives any trouble, and the overload protection included does a good job of keeping the unit’s performance safe.

So, Which Brand Offers the Best Oil Burner?

Everyone has their own opinion, but checking out the Riello oil burner reviews left by previous customers shows why the units produced by this brand are the clear winner against Beckett.

Beckett offers high-quality oil burners, and there are many reasons why its units are incredible. However, in terms of efficiency and cleaners results, Riello has barely any competition.

Riello’s boilers feature innovative parts and technology that make the units work without sudden breaks. Also, systems like the automatic air shutter allow the boilers to shut down while not in use, which reduces heat loss and minimizes energy use.

For us, as well as for many people, Riello is certainly the clear winner in the Beckett and Riello oil burners comparison.


Riello VS Beckett oil burner is a discussion that many people encounter while searching for their ideal oil burner. We’ve established that Riello comes on top as the sole winner, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering the alternatives offered by Beckett.

After all, many people would prefer Beckett over Riello, and that’s totally fine. Beckett still produces highly efficient units that would work incredibly well under certain circumstances, and you may end up liking this brand more than Riello too.

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  1. When my furnace tech said we should consider buying a new furnace I quipped “but it’s only 68 years old”. It’s had a Beckett burner all it’s life. Should I consider a Riello in light of this anecdotal relavation?

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