Grundfos vs Taco Circulator Pumps

Grundfos vs Taco Circulator Pumps – Which Circulators Are Better?

Circulator pumps are responsible for taking care of many activities throughout the house, like providing a constant water supply to different outlets in different areas.

While looking for one to buy, you’ll encounter many offers available, sometimes too many that it’s difficult to pick just one.

In a sea of options, two brands come to mind, and those are Taco VS. Grundfos Pumps provided by these brands are outstanding, with many highlights that would make them our favorites quickly.

Of course, we still have to pick one, and that’s the purpose of this article. Here, we’ll cover the features provided by the circulator pumps from each company, hoping we can establish a sole winner by the end of this read.

So, without anything else to add, let’s begin!

Grundfos vs Taco Circulator Pumps 202` Comparison

Grundfos Circulator Pumps

Grundfos is a brand that produces high-quality circulator pumps. Their catalog has many units, and you can often find plenty of them in online discussions, as there’s a lot of people that prefer this company above the others.

But, are Grundfos pumps really that good? Well, they are, but they’re far from perfect too.

For reference, we’re reviewing the 59896155 and 59896341 Grundfos units.


Grundfos circulator pumps share most of the same features regardless of the model.

For example, the 59896341 and 59896155 models have a corrosion-resistant impeller, as well as the cast-iron housing.

Such a design makes the units long-lasting, resisting the abuse of continuous use.

However, previous customers recommend precaution for people looking to buy one of these units.

In many cases, some parts detached from the circulator pumps during transport, which is the last thing you’d expect. Once it arrives, check the package to confirm everything’s good.


Due to the quality of the parts used for their construction, the Grundfos circulator pumps are capable of working well while resisting against issues like corrosion.

Because of that, homeowners would be able to put the pumps to continuous heavy-duty use.

Another pleasant benefit of having a unit like the Grundfos 59896341 is that it’ll perform quietly.

If you’re looking for a pump that delivers hot water almost instantly, this brand has plenty of offers available that would satisfy those demands.

Is It User-Friendly?

The process to install the 59896341 model, and many other units from Grundfos is pretty easy.

Previous customers would also agree that they didn’t face an issue they couldn’t solve quickly.

Still, depending on the application of the pump, you may need to do some extra work.

For instance, the Grundfos 59896155 pump could require additional pipes installed in the house, which is expensive and requires much more effort.

Unfortunately, Grundfos circulator pumps often have many issues during their installation.

Taco Circulator Pumps

The 007 Series from Taco, featuring Cartridge Circulator units, is among the preferred by many people.

When compared to other hydronic circulator devices, there aren’t many capable of performing as well as them.

It’s all possible due to a combination of high-quality parts and high power capacity.

Another reason why circulators produced by Taco are worth the money is because of their self-maintenance.

In cases like the 007 models, the systems feature a self-lubricating design that renders the units almost maintenance-free.

There are many more reasons to like Taco’s circulator pumps. Let’s find out what those reasons are.


Taco’s circulator pumps like the 007 Series have a compact design. Mostly made with cast-iron, the construction of these units is good, putting up an impeccable performance throughout.

There’s no mechanical seal included, and the number of tasks these circulator pumps cover is high.

For instance, you can use them for hydronic heating, radiant heating, indirect water heating, and many other purposes.

Overall, Taco offers efficient home equipment capable of taking care of the domestic water systems, providing the family with a constant flow of water.


Taco circulator pumps are surprisingly quiet while active. Not only that, but they’re also efficient, saving a lot of energy.

The direct drive-low system allows for less power consumption, making the units work better without wasting energy.

The motors are great too. Working at 3,250 RPM, with an HP capacity of 1/25, the pumps meet most of the expectations by operating without interference.

Is It User-Friendly?

While Taco’s circulator pumps are great, you may struggle to install units like the 007 Series.

Of course, whether it takes a lot of time or not depends on your knowledge handling these devices. Professional services may save you a lot of trouble.

Once installed, though, the pumps will work properly for many years. In some cases, the durability of the units covers more than a decade.

Also, while maintenance is necessary periodically, you don’t really have to put too much effort to do it.

The pumps feature automated mechanisms that keep their systems working continuously.

Grundfos Circulator Pumps You Can Buy

Grundfos has offered many incredible circulator pumps over the year. The following three picks are among the most reliable models produced by this brand.

1. Grundfos 59896341 UPS15-58FC Circulator Pump

This circulator pump features iron housing, providing security for the internal mechanism as it operates. Such a construction design keeps external elements from interfering with the motor’s performance.

The motor offers three speeds, which are low, medium, and high. Customers have the option to set up the circulator pump to work just as they need.

When the device is operating, the wet rotor design allows it to operate quietly. This circulator pump is quite versatile.

Its parameters are capable of covering almost every heating application you may require, whether it’s for radiant heat, baseboards, or fan coils.

You can rest assured this product will work well with all of those appliances.

For the most part, this device is easy to install. If you set it up for a water heater, you may be able to do it quickly.

However, for other applications, perhaps it may be necessary to get some pipes extensions to make the right connections.

The Grundfos 59896341 is a circulator pump that displays quality in every one of its parts.

Besides the cast-iron housing, the ceramic shaft and radial bearings are two other design choices worth mentioning.

Additionally, there’s a carbon axial bearing and the stainless steel rotor. We also liked the impeller design, as it resists pretty well against corrosion.

Customers can expect this circulator pump to last for more than a decade. It’s small, but no other pump works as well as this one.

The only thing that would make this product better would be the addition of a timer. Now, the circulator pumps may not have it, but you can attach one by yourself if needed.


  • Powerful motor with three speeds
  • Powerful motor with three speeds
  • Removable check valve
  • Versatile pump for many applications
  • Quiet operation


  • This circulator pump could use a built-in timer

2. Grundfos 52722512 3-Speed Circulator Pump

The following circulator pump isn’t that different from the one we reviewed before. This one features the same 3-Speeds motor, which offers low, medium, and high modes.

Also, this product is versatile, as it allows you to install it for a variety of applications.

Setting up the circulator pump is a straightforward process. The instructions provided are generic, although they may be misleading in some parts.

For example, there’s a section that recommends removing the check valve, which is not really necessary, as you can leave it there anyway.

By including a built-in flow check, Grundfos ensures customers won’t have to buy an in-line check valve to make this pump work.

On the contrary, everything needed comes with the purchase, saving you some money in the process.

The circulator pump is suitable for closed-loop systems that operate with medium or high flow rates.

While operating, the thermal protection included maintains the motor secure, guaranteeing the pump’s durability and performance.

True to Grundfos’ style, this unit works quietly too. You can use it for radiant heat, hydronic heat, fan coil heat, and many other appliances.

Just as this circulator pump is powerful, it’s very user-friendly too. The motor consumes low energy, which reduces the energy bills and the risks of issues such as overheating.

If you’re looking for a replacement circulator pump, then this one is probably everything you need. It’s a quiet device that doesn’t weigh a lot, and it’s also far better than most standard pumps too.


  • 1/6 horsepower motor works for different applications
  • Three speeds available: high, medium, and low
  • Easy to install, consumes low energy, works quietly, and doesn’t require maintenance
  • Built-in protection to guarantee the motor’s performance and durability


  • Although the installation is pretty straightforward, some of the instructions can be a little misleading

3. Grundfos UP26-64F 52722330 Circulation Pump

Unlike the other two products, the UP26-64F model actually features a single-speed motor. It may be less powerful, but that also comes with many benefits.

One of them is less energy consumption, and another one is that the unit requires no maintenance at all.

The purpose of this pump is to back medium and high flow in closed-loop heating appliances, such as hydronic heating.

Additionally, it supports radiant heat, fan coils, and snow melting, among others. So, as you can see, this circulator pump is equally as capable as the other two.

Despite being a little different, the unit shares some similarities with previous Grundfos pumps.

For instance, this product also includes thermal protection. As we’ve learned by now, this automatic resetting feature protects the motor, allowing the pump to last for a long time.

You shouldn’t have any major issues installing this device. Nonetheless, you may encounter some issues in other areas.

One of the most noticeable flaws of this circulator pump is that it isn’t as quiet as other models. On more than one occasion, you’ll notice the sound it makes in the background.

Also, keep in mind that this product doesn’t have a built-in check valve. Previous customers showed disappointment due to the lack of said valve, but the manufacturer is pretty clear about it.

Other than that, you should expect nothing but good things after purchasing this product.

The order arrives pretty fast, and the customer service is outstanding if you ever have any concerns.


  • Single-speed motor suitable for several applications
  • Built-in protection for the motor guarantees its durability
  • Includes gaskets
  • Low energy consumption
  • Requires less maintenance when compared to other pumps


  • This unit may not be as quiet as the other Grundfos circulator pumps

Taco Circulator Pumps You Can Buy

Now that we’ve discussed what Taco can do as a brand, here are some of its best products.

4. Taco 007-F5 1/25 HP Cast Iron Circulator Pump

What we have here is an incredible hydronic circulator pump that quickly earns everybody’s trust.

It ranks among the most sold units up to this day, which says a lot about how well it performs.

Naturally, there are many things involved in the success of this device. Let’s talk about those then!

The unit includes the field serviceable cartridge design, allowing users to handle the cartridge easily.

Once it’s active, the pump works both quiet and efficiently, providing reliable water flow.

Due to the self-lubricating system, you won’t have to do any maintenance on this product.

Thanks to the flow parameters, the circulator pump works for many hydronic applications.

The motor delivers 1/25 of horsepower, creating an estimated amount of 3,250 rotations per minute.

Voltage and Amperage ratings are 115 and 0.74, respectively. Here’s some information detailing other specifications you should know.

This device works at a minimum fluid temperature of 40°F, with 240°F being the maximum temperature capacity. The working pressure in total rates at 125 psi.

Another reason to like this circulator pump is that it reduces costs. If you have some DIY skills, installing the pump should be a 20-minute endeavor.

You won’t have to need assistance from a professional, which could be quite expensive.

Before going all-in with this product, you should know that it doesn’t include mating flanges.

They are necessary, which means that you’d have to get it separately. Even then, it’s an extra cost that’s totally worth it.

The Taco 007-F5 circulator pump is a device that lives up to its reputation. Many previous customers recommend it, and due to its incredible performance, we can see why.


  • A simple but efficient circulator pump
  • Easy to install
  • 1/25 HP & 3,250 RPM delivered
  • Cast-iron pump
  • Cartridges are easy to set up


  • This circulator pump doesn’t come with mating flanges, requiring you buy it separately

5. Taco 0011-F4 1/8-HP Circulating Pump

Taco delivers yet another high-quality circulator pump suitable for high to medium flow applications.

This unit is one of the best for residential and light commercial purposes, as it works well for closed-loop heating appliances.

Other than working well for hydronic heating, the Taco 0011-F4 circulator pump is great for boilers, especially if they work at a high-pressure drop.

Additionally, this pump is compatible with fan coils, heat exchangers, and many other appliances too.

Something that may be surprising about this pump is that it’s the perfect replacement for several other models.

The universal flange to flange design and orientation allows customers to set it up and replace old pumps that don’t work anymore.

Despite being a compact circulator pump, the 0011-F4 unit offered by taco is suitable for high-efficiency jobs.

While operating, it consumes low energy, making it a trustable pump for most households. It’s time for some technical specifications.

The 0011-F4 circulator pump from Taco offers a minimum fluid temperature of 40°F, while the maximum reaches 230°F. As for the working pressure, this device reaches 125 psi.

Compared to the previous pick, you can tell that both share plenty of similarities. As long as it works, there’s no reason for Taco to change the specifications of their pumps.

However, this circulator pump is not as quiet as the other two products reviewed here. Don’t expect it to be completely silent during its operation.

For anything else, Taco continues to be a reliable brand by delivering yet another outstanding circulator pump. It’s powerful, reliable, and versatile too.


  • Versatile pump for boilers, fan coils, and many more applications
  • Cast-iron design
  • 1/8 HP motor & 3,250 RPM deliver constant power


  • The Taco 0011-F4 circulator pump may be louder than the other models offered by the brand

6. Taco 009-F5 Cast Iron High-Velocity Cartridge Circulator Pump

The final circulator pump belongs to the High Velicity Series. It’s particularly efficient for high and low flow applications, involving hydronic heating and radiant heating.

This pump includes field-serviceable cartridge, allowing users to get the cartridge out without disassembling everything.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it sure comes handy when you have to do some repairs.

Besides being a pump easy to handle, the 009-F5 model doesn’t require maintenance either.

Even after months, the circulator pump continues operating as if it was new.

The self-lubricating mechanism maintains the parts in good conditions even after months using it.

Installing the 009-F5 circulator pump is a breeze. The package includes flanges and bolts, which make the whole process even easier for anyone.

While active, the pump runs both smoothly and silently, providing constant water flow without being annoying.

We’d mention some of the technical specifications of this product, but they’re pretty much the same when compared to the other two:

40°F of minimum fluid, and 230°F of maximum fluid temperature. The maximum working pressure is also the same, reaching 125 psi.

There’s really nothing bad about this product. If we were to mention one thing, it’d probably be the price.

Out of the three Taco circulator pumps reviewed, this one is the most expensive, but not by much either.

If you set it up correctly, this circulator pump should last over a decade. Many customers pointed out that this model lasts for twelve years approximately.

So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting replacement for an old pump, Taco’s got what you need.


  • Comes with every part needed for the installation
  • Long-lasting circulator pump
  • Low consumption & maintenance-free
  • Universal flange design


  • This model is the most expensive when compared to the other two Taco pumps reviewed

Conclusion – Which One to Choose Between Taco and Grundfos?

Taco is the clear winner for many people. Circulator pumps produced by this brand have it all, from a powerful performance to a quiet operation.

The company’s catalog is pretty big, providing alternatives in case you’re not a fan of one of their products.

Better yet, Taco’s pumps are very user-friendly. Although it’d be better to hire an expert, homeowners with DIY skills will probably know how to set the units by themselves.

Grundfos, on the other hand, will show some frustrating issues from the moment you try to set up the pumps.

In most cases, you’ll end up spending more money in extra parts because the unit won’t work without them. These pumps require a lot of accommodation that demand effort too.

On the bright side, Grundfos circulator pumps will most likely never give you any problem after installing them.

Their performance remains incredible even after years of use, and there’s no need to clean the parts constantly every few weeks.

Just like people agree that Taco is the better option in the Grundfos VS Taco debate, many others would say the same thing about Grundfos.

Both brands are excellent, and it’s up to you to decide which one works better for your household.

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